Matters when they count

Matters when they count


In my class there lies a girl who quite literally lies down on her desk as she sleeps.

Mother would scold me for lying.

She said I should start changing my habits from school.

The girl sleeps on our desks

"I'd appreciate it if you at least put your foot on your side."
"Oi,the teacher is coming. I have to put my phone back inside."
"Oh Qb you're such a ...qt" 

This rat! Even in exam season.

"I'm being serious if-"
"agzzz" Her drool is going towards the cubby. 

That’s it I have to be the change.

If she’s that asleep then its not like I’m hurting her.

"A one and a two."

With a D+ in PE I was able to eventually with time, swiftly push her down from my desk and back into her seat.

Shes a bit folded though.

Interpretive art?

Pretzel pose?


"It's like she takes coma pills or something..."

As my hands her about to go back into a neutral position-

"You! Don't you know its anti bullying week!"

"zzz" Went the girl.

Quick diffuse!

"Sleeping on ones back is horrible for your lungs and those with chronic conditions are probably proven to have 
trouble succeeding in school and careers. As a classmate and student of this esteemed academy I love so much, 
I'd hate for my classmates suffering to burden our establishment's ranking fur-."


"Further? How do you know that? You go on that gossip board do you?"

"I dont go to 'Academy Atrocities'-"

‘Snitch~’ The class decided to join in the school’s choir tradition at that very moment.

"So mom Im not allowed to go to class for the time being."
"Is that right?"

The disappointment in her voice said enough.

"Least I'll finally get some some help around the house."
"About that-"

The disappointment in her face showed enough.

My social status took a break as I am embedded for defamation.

My detention is community service.

Yet what is the punishment is serving fellow man?

Who I’m I kidding?

"So the recycles go there and the 'tainted recycles' go...there?"

"Yep! Now we have a sepreate process for cleanign the "second trash can", say what are you here for."

"You first."

"Tax fraud. Let's say my leg was broken for the pass three decades. Scammed those goons out of Millions. 
Millions, they wouldn't have found out if it wasnt for that snitch while I was laundering the money. 
Jokes on him now he's just as broke. So what you did, it can't have been as bad?" 

"Ah well..."

I explained my crime, already prepared for my condemnation.


This was going to be a long month…

It’s been a week since my suspension.

Being suspended doesn’t suspend me from my academic duties,I still have exams on Friday.

It’s Tuesday.

Wanting a break from being roasted at my school and bullied at work I went to the library.

I absolutely positively refuse to simply pass my Economics exam.

Need to get the top of the class for the only one I care about.

Art? Peaked at Impressionism anyways.

English? No habla inglesa!

No habla inglesa.

History? Only matters in terms of stocks baby.

Economics is the way of money and money is the way of power.

If I succeed in economics I will gain the power I need to manipulate the worlds circumstances for the benefit of my own.

I did nothing but studying the pirated pdf from front to back page 0 to hero, top to bottom.

My throat was beginning to get a bit dry so I went to the water fountain taking care of things.

At the corner of my eye I saw a child with a cat in her hands, no older then eight next to a much taller girl holding a laptop.

Her presumed sister had heavy bags under her eyes that girl seems familiar.


The waterfall of issued tap water nourished my throat with all tons of minerals.

Even some we didn’t ask for how nice of them.

Shit-I forget my bag.

As I returned to my seat my stuff was thankfully untouched.

However, on there laid a note scribbled with red marker.


How can she yell in this note, we’re in a library.

Graa whatever, I crumbled the paper and but in the recycling bin where it belongs.

Of course,to make my job at community service I took the time to sort through the trash and recycling while I’m at it.

Taking around half an hour.

While I kept an eye on my desk I noticed something wrong in this scene.


As if it couldn’t get any worse I saw her.

"what are you doing here?"

She was of course sleeping yet her laptop was still open, it was either so old,so overworked or both that the white pages of her nearby books began becoming tinged with black.

Tch,I took the books before Alexandria could get a long awaited sequel.


What does this girl even do to get so tired?

Her computer was right there maybe I’ll find the games she plays all day.

Ugh who I’m I kidding I cant do something like that…

Lets just get out of here.


What was that.

Her computer is right there.

And its not like they’ll snitch.


Yeah that’s right that won’t ever snitch on me,then that’d make them hypocrites!

Again,I shouldn’t think so loudly in the library!

Ah, whoops.

After many trails and errors I got into her computer with the password ‘123’


Crap, Shes waking up?(!)

Damn it damn it how do you lock this computer what kind of windows is this huh? 95?!

"It's Linux. A *themed* Linux running XFCE."

"So youre always sleeping from hacking all night huh? 

"Just cause cause I use Linux doesn't mean I'm a hacker! You really are a bully!"

Why isn’t she being reprimanded for yelling in the library , this is injustice(!)

"Ok I'm sorry"

"Whatever It's not like any-."

And she fell asleep yet again.

"Whatever I need to go back to studying."

After closing her laptop I rested her coat on to her shoulders that was lying on the chair next to her.

I then went back to studying for exams until the sun set.

The sunset was so beautiful,if only I had the time to savour it.

I have to get home before it gets too dark.

"What's wrong kid."

"Neko Gata stuck in the tree." 

"Can't you get you're sister to-"


Her sister was perched up a tree holding the cat in her arms.

The cat was certainly safe with her grip but the climb seemed to tire her out.

"You're not even a bit worried about her?"

"Of course I am but my sister is the best." 

Best at being the bane of my existence.

Well it’s not like I’m not public servant after all.

"Hup two!"

Three four…I for sure left the floor.

Five six,Near the top of the sticks.

Seven eight,I’m too late.

Against all odds I began slipping through the wooden pillar.



Just how does she-never mind that I’m about to fall.

"Be careful!" Cried the child.

"I will,make sure youre far away from me in case I do alright." I made sure to make it clear I wasnt asking her.


The sadness of a child sent enough shame to unleash a rage inside me.


Like a squirrel I ran up the tree to the other mammal(s)

"Come here kitty I got you,and you get up!"


Ah,I always wanted to sky dive.

Didn’t expect it like this.

I woke up 3 days later.

I’m surprised I survived a fall that large it’s more the cat scratches that hurts.

"At least you got out before Friday, come on have some fun."


I have community service off on Fridays only at least. But why does this sound wrong.

Friday Friday Friday…

My Exam!

The door at my hospital was closed so I naturally jumped out the window, The cat survives by landing on it’s feet so I shall learn from the masters.

"That's the third one this week!"

If it hadn’t been for the sack of potatoes I wouldn’t have gotten up and I would fail my class.

I finally got to school with the exam already started.


But just as I was about to dread outloud and get expelled.

"Yo Familiar." The girl was back.

"What's up." I should be nicer.

She pushed the door in.

Everyone was taking their test unbeknownst to the meddling.

Wait isn’t there an alarm for this kind of thing?

"I told them I'm going to be sick today so I'm  taking the exam online,That seat is useless to me but no longer for you."

"B-but why?"

"She was thankful."

"Ah your sister. Well tell her I said you're welcome."

"Well thank you should come first yeah?" She sighed.

What, is she being serious?

Does it matter, its thanks to her I still a future.

"Thank you."

"No problem."

She pushed me in the hall room.

Of course she fell backwards to take a nap.